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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  June 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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100 degrees right now. we are working for you pushing out weather alerts and preparing you for timing. we have got coverage starting with doug and ver ron ka. what does it look like right now? >> looks like the storms, that timing that you mentioned most likely starting in about an hour after. so right at that window for rush hour. >> there is high humidity and this fast moving weather front that will be coming into our area giving us a change in air mass from what it feels like. >> you can take a look at what we're dealing with right now. nothing going on around our region. we are clear. one shower up towards frederick county, maryland. look at this line. a very strong line of severe thunderstorms making its way down. severe thunderstorm with watch in effect through parts of the pennsylvania area. you guys can watch us and back towards the west, waiting on a watch to be issued.
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kind of interesting that they have not issued a severe thunderstorm warning for our area just yet. let's go ahead and time this out for you. about three and a half hours. talking about 7, 7:30. we will continue to track the storms. one thing helping to fuel these is that intense heat. >> storms will be coming after the summer camps and kids will be inside so that is good news. we're at 95 degrees right now. take a look. we're at triple digits throughout our area right now.
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>> and we are following what could be a big potential break in the search for two escaped killers. unfolding right now in a town called mountain view in new york. msnbc is reporting officers and two police helicopters have converged on a camping area there. davis sweat and richard math have been on the run for 18 days now after escaping prison in upstate new york. both are convicted killers. the latest search, this new search now underway. >> now to a a new look inside the metro station. the board just released this
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video as part of the investigative hearings that it's holding today. adam has some of the startling new details. . showing the lock box. passengers evacuating the station and then remarkably train continued to run in and out of the station as the smoke gets thicker. metro revealed today that it handled so much water.
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at the ntsb, news 4. >> early this morning a woman came out into this ally behind the street and was taking out her trash. she saw the smoke and felled the fire. they found a body inside. a body that they said was burned beyond recognition. years ago, trinidad was one of the most violent neighborhoods in our city. some people are wondering if trinidad was getting back to its own violent ways. coming up we will talk to the woman who found the fire and
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residents here learn more about this unusual case. >> lieutenant governor stands in for the governor as he chairs the board of public works meeting today. >> the search is still on right now for the guy riding around on a bicycle flashing people in prince william county. two different incidents happened last week. on wednesday a 14-year-old girl noticed a man standing next to a bike exposing himself near a wooded area. then on friday, a man on a bike exposed himself to a woman jog ing ing. >> it is one of the hardest
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stories to report on and it happened again. a toddler left in a hot car and another parent facing possible criminal charges after the victim's death. her father apparently left her in a locked car near the family's house on sunday night. he didn't go looking for her until he got up the next morning. >> he is walking down the street crying, a little kid in his hand. a lady comes out and they start scream ing screaming, somebody's dead, somebody's dead. >> investigators believe she was left in that car for 24 hours. >> a lot of debate on our facebook page and a movement to lose the confederate flag. there is debate in our area. it is said that virginia will phase out the image on state
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license plates. the governor thinks the decision is legal after a supreme ruling that allowed texas to prevent confederate flags on its license plates. >> in south carolina hundreds of people rallied outside the state house in columbia this morning demanding the confederate flag come down there. the south carolina legislature is about to go into session. more on what lawmakers plan to do about the flag coming up in a few minutes. we're working to find out why that alarm sounded. we do know it was not a bomb threat and no one was hurt. >> his wife is accused of helping two killers escape and
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now loyal mitchell is talking about what he thinks would have happened had she shown up to pick up those escapees. >> she would have been dead within an hour. she would get away. they would kill her. doug and dj are updating the forecast right now. they will have the lat
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tracking severe weather throughout the afternoon. covers our area until 10:00 p.m. you can see watches extend all the way up to the north and east in areas like new jersey and pennsylvania. fast moving line of storms the bulk of this line will be coming through our area around 8:30 to 9:00. there you can see the storms organizing. just north of petersburg in west virginia. this is a location where we are tracking thunderstorms. there is a tornado warning right now just west of kaiser in west virginia that is making its way up towards i-68 and we could see just that around our eyre ya. can't rule out an isolated
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tornado. >> developing now the investigation into that deadly balcony collapse in california. investigators now say the support beams were badly rotted. six young people were killed last week and another seven injured in an apartment near the cal berkley campus. it looked like dry rot. a fungus that weakens wood got into the beams. berkley says it will impose new safety regulations on all current and newly built buildings. >> imagine your children are at home playing in their room when a car comes crashing in. that's the tragedy for one family in nevada. an suv slammed into their home killing two children. the vehicle not only crashed into their room it plowed all the way through the house and out of the other side. police say the driver was an
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elderly man. >> we continue to follow development for manhunt for two killers in new york. a new location plus the husband of the alleged accomplice speaks exclusively with nbc. >> taking the case to court. a judge hearing new arguments in the battle of the redskins tradem
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pushing through our area in the next hour or two. chief meteorologist will have the latest coming up in about two minutes. >> we are tracking developments in a possible break in the massive search for those two escaped inmates. msnbc is reporting that police are now clearing a camping area in mountain view new york. it's not far from the town where dna from one of the suspects was found on saturday. we're keeping an eye on that and we will bring you developments as they happen. in the meantime -- >> i love that. she said their plan was they want to kill you. i said what? >> for the first time we're hearing from a husband of a woman accused of helping the two escape, lyle told his story exclusively to matt lauer as the search intensifyies with help from the dna discovery.
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>> a damp dreary day in upstate new york saw the search for escaped murderer ss stirred up with a link to dna. >> it's all very heavy dense swampy area. it's difficult terrain. >> former fbi profiler says the men are likely still together. >> they need each other right now. it's not easy living on the run. no money, no credit cards no shelter. >> meanwhile the husband of the woman accused of helping the inmates escaped talked with matt lauer. >> there are so many thoughts running through my head. do i still love her? yes. am i mad? yes. >> lyle mitchell says he is convinced he would have been killed had his wife followed
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through on the plan to be the get away driver. >> if she had gone in that car with them? >> she would have been dead. they were going to kill her. they wanted that vehicle. >> his wife denies a sexual relationship with either inmate. she remains in custody while they remain on the run. >> the same system that could produce severe weather in our area left a significant mark to the west. take a look at what happened in illinois. a tornado touched down southwest of chicago and destroyed homes and damaged quite a few others. trees crashed down knocking out power blocking the roads. crews set up a temporary shelter. >> meanwhile we are bracing for stormy weather in our area. those are the ingredients you
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need to fire off some of these storms and that's what's happening. you can see nothing going on around the dc metro area. but look just back to the north and west, starting to see some storms firing though. this is a line that i do expect to intensify a stronger line. just back to the west. this storm has a tornado warning soernted with it. so that's just south of the frost burg region. notice everybody in the pink and the purple. we do not have any warnings at this time. severe thunderstorm watch means we are watching for the potential for severe weather. tornado risk very low.
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we're not worried about tornados. the bigger issue will be the high wind. hail threat on the medium side and heavy rain as always going to be a pretty good threat there, too. you know it's hot and humid. 95 and heat index is 104. this is definitely one of the warmest days that we have seen. that westerly flow, 95 degrees. eeasily the warmest temperature we have seen there all year long. i think this is a little fast. brand new. just came out. i think these will be back towards the west. and then through the area by
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around the 6:30 hour, that's when i expect it will be around dc. i think this model is running a little bit fast. 88 tomorrow. this storm moves through. the heat goes bye-bye and so does the humidity. a chance of a late day shower or storm. and then the weekend. the weekend. we have got a good chance for not just storms but for rain saturday and sunday. look at the highs only in the 70s. we will continue to keep you posted. >> all right. thanks. rear view mirror reinvented. the new truck technology that is turning heads. >> are skinny jeans bad for your health? the denim danger that sent a woman to the hospital.
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doctors say your skinny jeans could be dangerous. a woman collapsed from squatting and it cut off the blood supply to her calfs. she has now recovered but if you're wearing skinny jeans and your legs start to feel tingly you should get up and walk around and get your blood pumping again. >> or maybe get some looser jeans. lawyers for a group of native
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americans who object to the name have strengthened their case. that show the confederate flag. no decision has been made in the red skin case today. >> a bunch of fans greeted new england's -- new england patriots' quarterback tom brady when he arrived this morning. theeds these are pictures of him arriving to appeal a suspension. the team was fined a million bucks and had to give up a couple of draft picks. >> we're learning the accused killer in the mansion murders was arrested weeks before the massacre. >> our humidity is set to give way to what could be some severe storms this evening.
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we are back with an update from the st
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right now storms are about to bare down and we are running out of words. doug and bj have been tracking this line of storms all afternoon. >> that was just words that start with the letter s. >> yes. >> we have some of those storms out there right now. they are making their way. >> exactly. and a lot of heat, too. we will talk more about the timing for you. >> a lot of winld, too. that is the entire region until 11:00 tonight. some storms already firing.
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you can see this line very well defined. even a tornado warning. this whole line making its way our way should be here over the next couple of hours. >> yeah that watch until 11:00 p.m. i think the bulk of our storms will be here between about 5:30 and 9:00. storm chances for the evening. way up there around 6, 7, 8:00. and by 9:00, the chance starts to drop again. a lot of wind and a lot of lightning. today some high heat and humidity. after staying high in the 90s. >> if you're thinking about heading to the national's game you know you will be hot and humid but i expect the storms to move through right around game
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time. i do think there will be some significant delays. >> thanks doug and vj. an important new detail into the investigation of the mansion murders. andrew is here this afternoon and you have just confirmed that the suspect in this case was also arrested by dc police a couple of months before the murders but federal agencies never learned about this? >> it was about two months before the murders that he was arrested here in dc. the feds never knew about it. and why that's important is he was here on a green card. and potentially with the arrest the status of that green card could have come into question. but the reality is talking with law enforcement officials today they never knew that he had been arrested so any proceeding any questioning of the status of his green card never came about. >> and if it had been expired? what would have happened in that case? >> he had a number of arrests
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before. and i don't know that this arrest would have been enough to revoke that green card. one official described to me that it was a coin flip. if they had known that he was arrested again perhaps the status of that green card would have been rejected but this is really the important part. the fingerprints. when police arrest somebody they can put the prisons into a fbi data base and that alerts everyone. in this case the fbi data base, according to ing toing to law enforcement it never had a record. so they never knew that darren wint had been arrested in march and we know the family and their housekeeper murdered two months later and he is the suspect in that case. >> all right. interesting developments in this case. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> a lot of new information coming out about the deadly
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incident. as the tunnel filled with smoke the train operator repeatedly asked to come back to the platform but officials told him to standby even as passengers were screaming and banging on the glass door. it was not until later that there was not enough power for that train to return to the platform. this morning news 4 shot this video of boyd ruter ford arrive arriving at the governor's mansion. the lieutenant governor will be taking on a much quicker workload. >> tomorrow, president obama will order changes to the u.s. policy on hostages. nbc news confirmed the u.s. will no longer threaten to prosecute families if they try to pay a ransom for a loved one otherseas in a so called hostage recovery
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fusion cell will be staffed by various government agencies. that will include a senior level coordinator. these changes are coming after several american hostages were killed overseas and the parents say the government didn't do enough to rescue their children. >> takata stopped doing safety checks for air bags years ago because it was too expensive. that's according to a new congressional report out today. an executive admitted in an e-mail that audits stopped for financial reasons. the report shows that takata has a history of putting cost over safety. millions of vehicles have been recalled. >> developing now rewriteing the rules on confed
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right now we have nothing going on. not much is here. starting to see these storms that have formed over the last half hour. nothing severe. this is a line that is also beginning to form. so look at this line. back towards the west. this is what is all moving down. we know we will see a lot of lightning. tornado threat not that high. the highest threat we have of the day. hail and heavy rain going be a
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threat. it will affect the evening rush. we will stay live as long as we need to. >> we will keep pushing out alerts on our app as well. >> an officer accidentally left his partner inside a hot car and now that lab dor retriever is dead. once he noticed the dog was missing he checked the car and saw the car in distress. the dog died the very next day. there won't be in criminal charges but that officer is facing sanctions from the department and probably a heavy heart as well. >> if you drive a lot on single lane roads there is technology that would make passing big trucks easier and safer. a camera sends live video on the back of a truck. if you happen to be stuck behind
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a big rig and you want to pass you will have a clear realtime view of oncoming traffic. it has been tested in argentina and samsung is now working to get it approved. >> boy that song from titanic but the man behind the music has died in a plane crash. >> changes in confederate flag policies are sweeping across the south. a new update on when it could be removed from the south carolina capitol. >> two families reeling after an awful mix up. how a funeral home buried the wrong person.
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>> tracking severe weather throughout the day today. first has been the extreme heat.
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-- >> we have also had reports there of not only hail but trees and a few power lines down. right now it's areas of frederick county in virginia. that's what you're seeing there. just north of winchester headed east probably staying south of sandy hook area.
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>> this is what is north and west of us. around winchester. of course that means that we could see some of the spotty most of these storms will get a course in writing. really inside of late afternoon and evening. you will get relief from the heat. cumberland petersburg, 89 degrees. many triple digit readings in terms of what it reads like. right around dc. we get later and later with
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showers and storms. we will see storminess across the area. here is a look at your hourly forecast. we drop to the 80s by 9:00 and into the 70s overnight. >> new video of arrest in north carolina. check it out. this is dash cam footage showing the moment that officers arrested the accused church shooter. police found a semi automatic handgun hidden beneath a pillow in the car's backseat. they pulled him over because he was driving too close to a tractor trailer. a concerned citizen also called 911 when she realized she was driving right behind him. the arrest happened one day after nine people were shot and killed down at the ame emanual church in charleston south carolina.
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i will see you in just a few minutes on news 4 at 5:00. >> right now the confederate flag flies high. the flag is the focus of a wave sweeping the south to do away with such symbols. >> a call to remove the confederate battle flag from its grounds. >> we want the flag down. a growing push gaining momentum. >> our job so to make them never forget what they promised. and we did come to take it down. >> roll call is required. >> inside the capital state lawmakers will vote on whether to remove the flag deflated the issue. out, arguments flaired. >> killed more people than the other flag. >> one flag meaning different things to different people. for some it's about honoring
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ancestors who fought in the civil war. >> that flag it's my heritage. he thought enough of it to fight for it. >> that confederate battle flag that flies in front of the state house is a rais symbol. >> the issue ignited after the man accused of killing nine people last week in charleston's ame church posing with the flag. >> we are asking lord that they bring the flag down. we are asking that nine lives will not have been lost in vein. >> as the state grapples with an issue that has raged since the flag was first raised more than 50 years ago. opponents are optimistic that the flag will be removed by august at the latest.
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the stores were not selling a lot of items anyway but third party vendors sold some items on walmart was the first major retailer to pull items bearing the flag from its stores and retail sites. and a little girl died after being left in a hot car for at least 16 hours. now her dad has been charged with murder. police were called to the family's home on monday. the girl's father left her in the back of a lincoln town car. it was near 90 degrees outside. she is only two years old. when police found her the toddler was unconscious with second degree burns. steve takes a look at technology that is available to avoid these tragedies. >> back in the district, a gruesome discovery behind a vacant house. firefighters found a body inside a burning trash can. we're told the body was burned beyond recognition.
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ahead at the top of the hour we will hear from the woman who made the discovery. less than 24 hours after the church shooting a localture nch maryland is vandalized. the pastor of the tree of life says on thursday afternoon a grounds keeper spotted this gra feet tee on the side of the building. words like satan and upside down cross and other symbols were spray painted on the wall. the pastor thinks this could have been someone trying to scare his congregation. the pastor says his church is predominantly african-american. what the pastor thinks about the way police are investigating this case. >> severe weather is bearing down on us here in dc but it's already left its mark on the midwest. mike shows us the damage straight ahead. >> our meteorologists are tracking the storms here. don't go anywhere. doug will go city by city to
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give you the very latest at the top of the hour.
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for them. >> the funeral home says it is very sorry and has notified familyies as fast thaz could. >> pretty inexcusable.
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>> decimated. that's how firefighters describe the damage left behind in illinois. >> there are no reports as far as any debts. >> mike is on the ground with a firsthand look at some of the damage. >> it's the largest privately owned campground in the country. and a lot of those were destroyed. last night around 8:00 was a storm that just blue through here. a lot of these are summer residences. this one is literally blown to smitherines. this one is blocked by the
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flipped over base of another mobile home. let's walk down the street and take a look. another one that has been turned on its side. there is a wild camper or recreational vehicle flipped over. completely flipped on its back. there is another trailer. a camper vehicle that has been flipd over. this is what you see. this is the worst of the damage. there were five injuries. none of them serious. no fatalities. and it's a long clean up process here. a lot of the
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-- >> this is a storm team 4 weather alert. >> and check it out folks, severe storms on our doorstep just hours away. >> and the extreme heat is adding fuel to the already dangerous line of storms heading our way. going to be a busy evening. rsh a lot of storms around the area. but this is a new warning. and we're going to see this play out all evening long. >> we like the fact that the storm season will offer relief from the extreme heat that we have had today. we will see the winds pick up with a lot of lightning. >> and now a lot of rain and storms moving from west to east. there is not that movement. we will see that potential. everybody under a severe thunderstorm watch. look at the latest storm. this storm right here just to the north of lub bokville. just west of the city of
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frederick and just north to the area here. that until 5:45. look, another storm right behind that one. look at all the lightning associated with these storms. this this storm is making its way in. and more to come. look at this line of very intense thunderstorms moving on down through the region. it will make its way in most likely in about the next two hours. so between now and 7:00 8:00 9:00 to the south. we will have the latest for you all evening long. >> the storm came four by four


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